Downingtown-Thorndale Regional

Chamber of Commerce

Board & Committees

The Downingtown Area Chamber of Commerce was established in 1945 and incorporated in 1947, and has met the changing needs of the Downingtown community.

In 2011 our name was changed to the Downingtown-Thorndale Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Our Board of Directors expanded our service area to include the Thorndale community.

Our most valuable asset is our members who become involved and work towards our common goals.  Our membership of approximately 120 consists of business owners, professionals, industrial companies, residents, and organizations interested in supporting the activities and ideals of our community.

The governing body of the Chamber is the Board of Directors.  The Chamber accomplishes its goals and objectives through volunteer members who serve on committees and an Executive Director.  The Board of Directors meet the second Tuesday of every month and the General Membership meeting is held the third Tuesday of every month.

2018 Board of Directors 


Michael Glover, President                                         Chip Clavier, Vice President
Advantage Building & Facility Services                Hatt’s True Value Hardware
Term Expires 2018                                                          Term Expires 2019

Ronda Hamilton, Executive VP                               Linda Draper, Vice President
YMCA of Greater Brandywine                                   Banking Industry, Retired
Term Expires 2018                                                           Term Expires 2018

Judy MacNeal, Past President                                 Hank Hamilton, Treasurer
Image Ink                                                                          Dane Decor
Term Expires 2019                                                          Term Expires 2019

Jay Fischer, Vice President                                       Al DiMatteo, Secretary
Valocchi & Fischer Law Firm                                     The DiMatteo Agency
Term Expires 2018                                                           Term Expires 2019

Steven Plaugher, Executive Director
610-269-1523 or


Tim Taylor                                                                  Abbey Swan
BB&T Bank                                                                  Caln Township
Term Expires 2018                                                      Term Expires 2019

Bridget Clark                                                              Jennifer Randisi
Downingtown Country Club                                  DNB First
Term Expires 2019                                                      Term Expires 2019

Nancy Frame                                                              Mark Kochanowsky
Housing Partnership of Chester County           A to Z Appliance Repair
Term Expires 2019                                                      Term Expires 2018

Bryan Gift                                                                   Terry Harris
Miller’s Insurance Agency                                     Century 21 Precision Realty
Term Expires 2018                                                     Term Expires 2018

Patricia McComsey                                                 Francine Dague
Citadel                                                                         Downingtown Library
Term Expires 2018                                                     Term Expires 2019

Dr. Mario Spoto                                                        
A Caring Chiropractic Center                                                 
Term Expires 2018                                                                             


Ronda Hamilton, Mark Kochanowsky, Nancy Frame, Alissa Griffith, Judy MacNeal, Rob Croll

Annual Dinner 
Hank Hamilton, Mark Kochanowsky, Terry Harris, Judy MacNeal, Jennifer Randisi, Bridget Clark

Awards – Citizen & Business Person of the Year 
Chip Clavier, Ronda Hamilton, Jay Fischer, Mario Spoto, Judy MacNeal

Budget & Finance 
Jay Fischer, Ronda Hamilton, Mark Kochanowsky, Hank Hamilton, Tim Taylor

Mario Spoto, Hank Hamilton, Judy MacNeal, Ronda Hamilton, Francine Dague, Jennifer Randisi, Nancy Frame , Jay Fischer, Al DiMatteo, Linda Draper, Patti McComsey, Mike Listmeier, Alissa Griffith

Hank Hamilton, Linda Draper, Al DiMatteo, Mario Spoto, Bridget Clark, Rob Croll, Francine Dague

Legislative & Government Affairs 
Jay Fischer, Hank Hamilton, Nancy Frame

Membership & Program 
Nancy Frame, Chip Clavier, Mark Kochanowsky, Judy MacNeal, Bridget Clark, Shawn Connors, Abbey Swan

Publication Committee 
Chip Clavier

Bryan Gift, Hank Hamilton, Al DiMatteo, Linda Draper, Jay Fischer, Francine Dague, Judy MacNeal, Mike Listmeier, Patti McComsey

Linda Draper, Terry Harris, Tim Taylor

Chester County Friends of the Flag 
Jay Fischer, Mario Spoto, Hank Hamilton, Frank Keegan, Bud Bruton,
Francine Dague, Sheriff Carolyn Welsh, Rodger Paisley, Doug Castaldi

Downingtown-Thorndale Regional Chamber of Commerce 216 E. Lancaster Avenue, 2nd Floor, Downingtown, PA  19335
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